Baking chocolate cake with Betty Crocker

I wasn’t satisfied with just making a vanilla sponge cake, so I decided to now make a chocolate one! For this cake I used “Betty Crocker’s Tempting Chocolate Cake Mix” and “Betty Crocker’s Tempting Chocolate Icing” I needed the same ingredients as the last time, when I made the vanilla…

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10 ways to help yourself when depression kicks in

I’ve suffered with clinical depression since I was 13 years old, among other conditions; but today we’ll just focus on depression. I thought I’d share with you all some of the things that help me get through the bad times, in hopes that it might help someone else. So, here’s…

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Collection – Fire Engine & Sugared Almond Nail Polishes

I told you I’d be back with more nail polishes from Collection. Again, these aren’t new polishes, however, they are new to me. Fire Engine – Red Up first, we have this gorgeous red colour called “Fire Engine.”I normally steer clear from bold colours like this, but it grew on…

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Betty Crocker – Velvety Vanilla Cake Mix

It takes someone else doing something to make me want to do it too, a strange competitive streak comes out in me and I vow to do whatever they did, but only better. After hearing about a Victoria sponge being made on my fiancé‘s side of the family, it immediately…

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Collection Lasting Colour – Cloud Nine & Purple Rain

I’m a huge fan of Collection products, I have a large collection (no pun intended) of them. I’d recently bought a whole bunch of their nail polishes, so I’ll be slowly showing off the different shades. I don’t think these are new, but they’re new to me.. so I thought…

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