Royal Cosmetics – Rainbow Makeup Brushes & Bronzer

I love getting new makeup brushes and I don’t know any makeup addict that doesn’t enjoy new products or makeup brushes. Royal Cosmetics* were lovely enough to send me a couple of their rainbow makeup brushes and one of their bronzers to try out. I was beyond thrilled. Packaging The…

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What I’ve been watching on Netflix #2

It’s been a little while since I did one of these and I thought I hadn’t watched enough to put one together, but apparently I have! So, here’s what I’ve been loving watching and what I’ve been hating watching since the last time I did this: Loving: Emergency I love…

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Surefeed – Microchip Pet Feeder – Solution to our problems

We have nearly had our second cat for two years now and while we have adjusted to having another cat in the household really well, one thing we hadn’t quite mastered was the feeding of two cats. Our cats have very different personalities and sadly they don’t get on (and…

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10 things I wish I knew about blogging from the start

When I started my blog, I knew there were certain things I had to have if I wanted to be serious about blogging. I had been planning it out in my head for a while before I dived in at the deep end and began my blogging journey. The first…

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123 Flowers – A bouquet for all occasions

If you’re looking for the perfect bouquet of flowers to help decorate your home and bring in a gorgeous pop of colour then 123 Flowers is a great website to choose. My decor around the home doesn’t really change with the seasons, however, I think adding flowers is an easy…

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