The Geeky Girl Tag

I first saw this tag over on Chimmyville (a blog run by the very lovely Kim). As soon as I saw this tag I knew I had to give it a try. Up until I did this tag I thought I was pretty geeky, but maybe I’m not as geeky… View Post

The British Tag

I found the British Tag while I was doing a bit of web browsing and it seemed fun, so I thought I’d give it a go. I struggled to find who originally came up with this, as I saw it a few different places.. so if anyone knows, let me… View Post

30 Beauty Questions Tag

I saw this tag online, the 30 Beauty Questions Tag and I decided to try it out myself. There’s not really much of a story there. I wanted to credit the person who originally came up with this tag, but I couldn’t find it to credit them.. so if anyone… View Post

Sunshine Blogger Award

A while ago I did one of these blogger tags and I’ve not been tagged in one since. That was until the very lovely Ross tagged me in this Sunshine Blogger Award tag. A huge thank you to Ross for tagging me, it’s much appreciated. It’s pretty funny how I… View Post

15 random things about me – Question Tag

Weirdly, I’m not very good at sharing things about myself. Which may sound strange, considering I blog. I mostly like to share things I own and recommend.. but when it comes to opening up about me as a person I am very shy. I thought I’d try to ease myself… View Post