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A while ago I did one of these blogger tags and I’ve not been tagged in one since. That was until the very lovely Ross tagged me in this Sunshine Blogger Award tag. A huge thank you to Ross for tagging me, it’s much appreciated. It’s pretty funny how I was tagged to do this, since Ross had asked on Twitter who would like to be nominated for a Blogger Award. Like the dumb blonde I am, I thought that it meant that you would actually receive a trophy or something if you won. I was curious, as I’ve never been put forward to win anything like that.. so I replied.

There was much confusion clearly on my part. Pretty funny to look at now I know exactly what it is. I know of these as blogger tags.. I’m not sure where the whole award aspect of this even comes from. Even the last one I did was called an award. What am I being awarded exactly? I don’t get it.

Alas, I’m very happy to do it and I still would have said yes, even if I had known it was a tag.

Do go check out Ross’ blog “Man Vs Adulthood“. He’s a lovely chap, with a fun writing style and I enjoy reading his posts. Plus, he loves superhero stuff, so that’s a huge plus in my book. I actually desperately need to go catch up on his posts (along with everyone else). Ross is always super friendly on Twitter and always replies to me. I often feel ignored and overlooked on Twitter, like I’m talking to nobody.. but whenever I interact with Ross I always feel like I’m chatting to an old friend, despite the fact that we barely know each other. I hope we get to chat more in the future.

I’ve rambled enough, on to the actual tag!

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog;
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you;
  • Nominate 11 bloggers to receive this award and ask them 11 new questions; and
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog site.

The questions I was asked to answer

If you could see any Band or Musician that has sadly passed away who would you see?

This is such a good question. I’ve been really thinking hard about my answer. Now, I know Queen is still going… but… I would have loved to have seen Queen when Freddie Mercury was still alive. His vocals are just perfection and I think that would be amazing to see live. I’m pretty jealous of anyone who did get to see him when he was alive.

I didn’t really get into Queen until I was a teenager, or music in general. I was born in 1986, so I would have been pretty young when he passed. So, I guess my answer is seeing Freddie Mercury.

What are your thoughts on Avocados?

Ew, ew, ew. Nasty. I honestly don’t understand the blogger obsession with avocados. If I see one more image of avocado on toast I think I might be sick. Really starting to believe that a lot of people just post them to look healthy, then they go off and eat a Pop Tart. Or, am I just talking about something I might do?

So, to shorten my answer, avocados are gross. They look gross, they taste gross and I don’t get it. If you like them, then more power to you.. but I’ll stick to egg on toast instead.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Weirdly, anyone talking about weight. I don’t care who it is, if it’s in person, on the phone or online, but it really upsets me. It’s usually people that I don’t feel have any need to even worry about that kind of thing that particularly really irritate me. I don’t even think people notice when I tend to go silent when they start yabbering on about it. I’ve struggled with weight issues my whole life and my self esteem is in the toilet, so when people bang on about it I just hate it. It makes me super uncomfortable and I’d just rather not go there.

Sometimes I will be feeling in a good enough mood where it won’t bother me and I’ll even join in, but for the majority of the time it just depresses me. I don’t think people even mean to do it, or to make me feel bad, but it does. I could keep ranting about this, so I’ll just leave it there for now.

Would you rather have no hands or no feet?

No feet. I use my hands far too much and I already have problems with my legs, to where I get a lot of pain.. That honestly, I’d be happier not having to use them. I had surgery on my legs to correct an issue when I was a teen, which now I regret.

The thing is, I didn’t have any pain back then, I only had the operation because I was being teased about how I walked. Now I have constant pain, which gets worse when I walk. My right ankle at the moment is particularly bad. Fed up of it in all honestly. So, that was a long winded answer to say no feet, wasn’t it?

We are going to form a band, what position would take?

Ooh, that’s super easy. I’d be on vocals. I’ve always had a huge passion for singing and although I don’t feel that I’m particularly good at it, I enjoy it. I was always pushed to be a singer as a child and that kind of took the fun out of it a little bit.. but I do enjoy it, even if I haven’t honed my skills. These days I am much more of a shower performer. I belt at the top of my lungs in there. I don’t do audiences!

I’ve tried to play other instruments, I had a keyboard and I never got anywhere with it. I have guitars and I can’t stand that I have to keep my nails short to play them, if there was a way around that I’d probably pick it up.

What is the most influential quote you have in memory?

Oh goodness, I have no idea. I actually had to come back to this question because I just couldn’t think of anything.

The only one that sprung to mind and resonates with me is this one from Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Which is scarier, Space or the Depths of the Ocean, and why?

The depths of the ocean for sure. There is so much of the ocean that is unexplored and some of it is even unreachable. It just terrifies me to think what could be lurking down there that we don’t know about. I think more of space has been explored than the ocean (don’t quote me on that, because I’m not a hundred percent sure).

What are your thoughts on the scandalous “Reality” TV shows, such as MADE IN blah blah or Real Housewives of who knows-where?

I don’t really have strong opinions on them. It’s trash telly and sometimes we need a bit of that. If people like it, then they like it and if they don’t, then they don’t. It really doesn’t bother me. I’ve watched a few shows that probably come under the umbrella of trash telly and I’ve absolutely loved them, then there’s other ones I despise. It’s to each their own. As long as the shows aren’t hurting anyone, then there’s no problem.

Morecambe and Wise or Two Ronnie’s?

The Two Ronnie’s. Four candles still makes me chuckle and it’s sad that both of them are no longer with us. Now I need to stop watching old clips on YouTube, so I can continue with the rest of this post!

If you could hang out with any Kids TV Character from your childhood who would it be?

Hmm, if it’s an actual person then probably Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All. I used to love that show. Or Sabrina from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Now that I think about it, both of those were the same actress. I guess I just really loved Melissa Joan Hart? I would love to get to meet Sabrina’s talking cat.

If it’s a cartoon character.. then it’d probably be Angelica from the Rugrats. I have no idea why, but I used to think she was so cool. Plus, I just loved the Rugrats. I had all of the dolls. I still actually have a few of them, though they are in super bad condition.

What Animal would you be most excited to see at the Zoo?

I’m not really a fan of zoos, I just feel bad seeing them in captivity. I understand sometimes that it’s for the best and that’s the only way to keep the species from being wiped out, but they still make me sad. I really hate the ones where the enclosures are super small, or you can just tell that the animals are super unhappy. Makes me sad to even think about to be honest.

If I put all of that aside, then I guess seeing tigers is exciting. I just love cats. Big cats, small cats.. cats are awesome. But, because I’m so indecisive I’d also say that monkey’s and meerkats are pretty exciting too.

My 11 Questions for you

  1. What was the last dream/nightmare that you had and you remember?
  2. If you could make one thing illegal, what would it be?
  3. What blog post took you the longest to write?
  4. You have to buy a pet tomorrow, what is it?
  5. If you suddenly had £5,000 and you had to spend it.. but you couldn’t put it in the bank, use it for debts, give it to charity, give it to friends or family, or put it towards anything.. what would you buy?
  6. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen someone do?
  7. You have to make a musical. What is your musical about or what film do you turn into one?
  8. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
  9. Who are your favourite stand up comedians?
  10. If a movie was made about your life, what actor/actress would play you and what would the title be?
  11. What is the worst thing you were caught doing as a kid?

Nominations for the Sunshine Blogger Award:

I’m not a huge fan of having to tag people for this, I always feel like I’m hassling people. I really hope you do this, but I will understand if you don’t. The 11 people I nominate are:

The North Left

Midland Mummy

Violet Daffodils

Sophie’s Notebook



The Owlet


Notes of Life

Skinned Car Tree

Alice Megan

Thanks for reading this long blog tag and do tag me if you decide to do this. I look forward to reading everyones answers. Thanks again to Ross over at Man Vs Adulthood for initially tagging me. Definitely check him out.

Please leave me your thoughts and comments below, I love hearing from you guys ♥



  1. July 18, 2018 / 5:09 pm

    Thank you so much for the nomination Laura, I’m incredibly flattered to be picked to answer this 😀 sorry it has taken so long, but I’ve finally posted out my answers to your questions 🙂 xx

    • merkitty
      July 18, 2018 / 6:27 pm

      Aww thank you for doing it. You are the only person I nominated that actually did it so I’m super happy. I will be sure to check that out when I can. Thank you again for doing it ❤

  2. August 9, 2018 / 12:00 am

    Thank you for nominating me. 🙂 It’s taken a while but I’ll be posting my answers early next week. x

    • merkitty
      August 11, 2018 / 2:08 pm

      No problem! Thanks for even remembering about it.. you’ll be the second nominee to have actually done it. Be sure to tag me on Twitter so I can read yours and leave a comment. ♥

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