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Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Hair Straightener - image of the box and the purple straighteners

I’ll give you a little bit of backstory first about how I ended up purchasing the “Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Hair Straightener”.

Don’t you just hate it when you go to use something and it’s broken? That’s what happened to me. I plugged in my trusty black hair straighteners, or I thought they were trusty at the time.. I waited for them to heat up, but nothing was happening. After a long time, they got a tiny bit warm, but not enough to do anything with. I’d had those straighteners for years, so I guess it was their time. This prompted me to go on a hunt for some new hair straighteners.

I was determined to get some good hair straighteners without having to spend a fortune on them. Most of the hair straighteners were priced so high that I couldn’t even dream of owning them. It seemed that they were either so ridiculously expensive, or cheap and nasty and there was no in between. Until I came across these straighteners! The “Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Hair Straightener”.

I’ve been using these hair straighteners for just over a month now, so I feel pretty confident to finally review them.

Price point

As I said earlier, the price is what initially attracted me. It seemed very reasonable. I paid £34.99 at the time of purchase.

I bought mine on Amazon, but I’m sure there are other places you can get these too.

First impressions

Seeing these straighteners online, they offered all the things I was looking for.. but, that said, I was unsure about the colour. I thought maybe they looked too young for me, since I’m in my thirties. I decided to see past the colour and be more fun and adventurous. For one, I’m not going to be doing my hair in front of people.. and secondly, I’ve always had black hair appliances, it is time to be different.

When I received the straighteners, I actually liked how they looked. They felt really good quality too. The plates looked a lot narrower than my old hair straighteners (R.I.P) but I wasn’t overly concerned with that. They were narrow, but wide. I love that they came with a heat protection pad too, so handy. The straighteners do not come with a glove and stand, though, Amazon said that they did. Lies! Oh well, I was pleased with just the heat protection pad.

I will say that I really don’t like the storage case that came with the straighteners. The case resembles a pencil case and feels really cheap and horrible. I won’t be using it.

I couldn’t wait to use the hair straighteners though and see what they are like.

Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Hair Straightener - image of the purple hair straighteners from above, with hair clips and the box the straighteners came in


  • Heats up in less than a minute
  • Temperature control (from 150-240C)
  • Wide plates
  • Easy to use
  • Has an easy to use locking mechanism
  • Has a 3m swivel cord
  • Comes with storage case and protective heat pad

Thoughts on the Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Hair Straightener

I have to say that I really love these hair straighteners. These are the best ones that I’ve owned and now I’m not sure why I put up with my old ones for as long as I did. My old hair straighteners took forever to get hot, so it’s really nice to plug these in and they’re practically ready. That’s been an amazing change and actually makes me want to use them. Before, it felt like a chore to straighten my hair, as it just took so long. Now it’s fun to do my hair and I look forward to straightening it.

The swivel cord is a lovely addition too. My old straighteners didn’t have this feature and the cord would get all wrapped around itself, which was a nightmare. Now I don’t have to worry about that. I even managed to curl my hair with these because of the swivel feature.

It’s super easy to use and I don’t spend ages trying to remember how to use it each time. The temperature control is really nice (my old ones didn’t have that either) and although I always put it on the highest temperature setting, it’s nice to know that there are other heat settings if I wanted them. Don’t worry, I always use a heat protective spray before I use them.

The heat pad is nice too. I didn’t always know where to put my straighteners before.

My thoughts haven’t changed on the storage bag. Fortunately for me, I hang my appliances up on the wall, so the storage bag wasn’t an issue.

Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Hair Straightener - close up of the purple hair straighteners

Final thoughts

I’d definitely recommend these hair straighteners. If you’re looking for reasonably priced straighteners that perform well, then these would be perfect. Also, they’d be great for teenagers since they are so funky to look at.

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What do you guys think of these? Would you purchase them or do you own them? What hair straighteners do you use? I love hearing from you guys, so leave a comment below and let me know.

This post has an affiliate link. I purchased the product with my own money, all opinions and images are my own.


  1. Robert Price
    April 25, 2018 / 9:03 am

    Good value for money

  2. Alica
    April 27, 2018 / 12:39 pm

    I love the colour! Thanks for the review! 🙂

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