An update on my mini goals

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I thought I’d do exactly what the title of this post says, an update on the mini goals I set at the end of January. If I’m honest, my mini goals haven’t really gone as well as I’d hoped they would.

My first mini goal was to do more exercise

I started off really well with this goal, but then it went downhill pretty rapidly. I had surgery on both my ankles when I was a teenager (and I really regret having the surgery now, because long story short they cause me pain now). I had been using the stepper a lot initially, but my right ankle began to hurt too much. The pain has been so bad that it’s stopped me from using my treadmill and stepper completely. At night I have to put my ankle on a hot water bottle to help ease the pain. I also use ibuprofen gel to help it too. So, this combined with severe depression has put this mini goal to a firm halt for now.

My second mini goal was to take vitamins daily

This is actually the only mini goal that I’ve managed to stick to. I’ve introduced two other bottles of vitamins into my daily routine. I wish I could tell you that I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my health from taking these, but I can’t. I am just hoping they’re doing what they are supposed to be doing.

My third mini goal was to do more face masks

I bought a lot of face masks to do this, but I think I’ve only done one since I bought them. Again, this is down to depression mostly.

It’s hard to even do things that I know I will enjoy, when all I want to do is lay in bed. I had to force myself to even sit at my computer today to do this post. I didn’t want to leave my usual posting day without anything though. Consistency is key with these things and I’m going to try my hardest to keep posting. One day I hope to be ahead of myself with posting, so that I have a backlog. That will mean that even when I don’t feel like posting there will be something still ready to go.

My fourth mini goal was to get more sleep

This goal has been a little hit or miss. Usually, when I’m depressed, all I want to do is sleep. Sleeping means that I don’t have to face my feelings. I’ve found getting to sleep really difficult lately, mostly because I’m on my own at the moment and I find it scary to sleep when it’s just me and the cats. Anxiety gets the most of me at night and I start to think of every single possible terrifying scenario that could happen when I’m asleep, while I’m trying to get to sleep. It’s so frustrating.

I can go to bed super early at like 8pm feeling exhausted, but then not actually manage to drift off until 4am because anxiety won’t let me. Then one of my cats wakes me up usually around 6:15am. Sometimes it’s easy to go back to sleep, but other times it’s not. By the time I actually do get to sleep though, I don’t want to ever get up. I have to force myself to get out of bed.

So, I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily getting more sleep.. or better quality.. but I do keep trying.

My fifth mini goal was to read more

I said that I wanted to at least read one book this year and so far I haven’t managed it. It’s so much easier to stare at a screen and zone out than it is for me to pick up a book and try to get into it. If books were Netflix or YouTube, I’d be killing this mini goal.

We’re only in April, so there’s still time for me to fulfil this mini goal.

My final mini goal was to learn to crochet and get back into knitting

I haven’t managed to do this either. I’m failing at all my mini goals hardcore. I thought that posting them on my blog would mean that I would feel more pressure to make sure I do them, but I haven’t.

Final thoughts about my mini goals

So, yes, I have failed on all but one of my mini goals so far. I didn’t really set a time limit for them though, so I’m hoping that I will still manage some of these before the end of the year. We are only in April after all. I just thought I would update you all, in case any of you were curious as to how I was doing with them so far.

I’m going to try not to be too hard on myself for not managing these. At the moment, just showering is a triumph.. so I have to celebrate the little things I do.

If anyone reading this is also going through a hard time and is struggling to do the basic of things, I hope this gives you some comfort in that you’re not alone.

You can view my mini goals post here.



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  1. Robert Price
    April 24, 2018 / 5:16 am

    I don’t stick to any of my goals

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