Purrfect Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers

Image of different cat related products aimed at cat lovers

I thought I’d try my hand at a gift guide, “Purrfect Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers”. These items would make lovely gifts for others, or as a treat for yourself.

Pusheen Heat Change Mug

Gif of Pusheen cat mug that changes colour - cat lovers

I was lucky enough to get this mug for Christmas and I love it. The whole “Merkitty” on it is right on brand with me and the fact that it changes when it gets hot is fantastic. It’s £12.99 which is pretty pricey for a mug, but for one as cute as this I think it makes sense. It’s a great mug, however, if you’re looking for a large mug this is not that. This is a definite must have for cat lovers, Pusheen fans and mermaid fans, though (and I happen to be all three..)

Cool for Cats Biscuit Tin

Image of cat shaped biscuits in a tin from Biscuiteers - cat lovers

How adorable are these cat biscuits? They are so good! I think they’d make an amazing gift. I’d be super happy if I got them, but they wouldn’t last five minutes with me so it’s probably a waste. These are absolutely perfect for cat lovers and after you’ve scoffed them you still have a lovely tin. Again, these are rather pricey at £35 which is a lot for biscuits.. but when you see how nicely decorated they are, you can see why they are so expensive. I think they are great if you’re looking for a unique gift to spoil someone with.

Umbra Zoola Cat Ring Holder, Chrome

Image of cat ring holder - cat lovers

If you know of any cat lovers that also wear rings, then this would be a great gift for them. It’s a great way to store your rings, or perhaps a place to put them if you take them off before you get into the shower. At £8.50 it is reasonably priced and would make a nice little present for someone, or for yourself!

Women’s Cute Cartoon Socks – Casual Cotton Animal Pattern

Image of stripey colourful socks with cat heads on them - for cat lovers

I love these socks so much, I own them myself and we also bought them for one of my fiance’s sisters. They are really comfy and absolutely adorable. These socks have been in the wash countless times and still look good as new. They are my favourite socks if I’m honest and at only £8.99 they are a bargain for cat lovers.

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Face and Eye Colour

Image of Paul & Joe's eyeshadows that look like mini vinyl records with cats on them - for cat lovers

Image of Paul & Joe's eyeshadows that look like mini vinyl records with cats on them - for cat lovers

How utterly adorable are these eyeshadows? They are shaped like little records, they even have the sleeve and everything.. and best of all, they have cats on them. I’m in love! There’s 6 different colours in total and they come in two sets, each set is £16, which is quite up there in price but for how unique and adorable these are.. I think it’s got to be worth it, right? How can cat lovers possibly pass up on owning these? I know I want them.

Paul & Joe – Lipstick SPF 25 Clear UV

Image of Paul & Joe's lipstick that is shaped like a cat - for cat lovers

Another adorable makeup item from Paul & Joe. This cat shaped lipstick is too cute. It’s basically a lip balm with SPF in it, but that wouldn’t stop me from wanting it in my collection. £11 isn’t too bad of a price either, considering how different it is. It would look amazing on every cat lovers vanity table.

Cat Opoly

Image of board game of Cat Opoly - a cat version of Monopoly - for cat lovers

This is such a random item, but it seems like cat lovers everywhere would get a kick out of having this in their board game collection. It’s quirky and I’d personally love to try it out. I wonder if it takes as long to play as regular Monopoly. At just over £30 it’s about the amount you’d usually pay for a Monopoly spin off.

Cute Cartoon Cat Diary Notebook

Image of a cute pink notebook with cats covering it - for cat lovers

A really pretty lined notebook, colourful and full of cat sketches.. cat lovers everywhere rejoice! You could even use this as a diary if you wanted to, or for writing your shopping lists.. don’t forget the cat food! It’s £10.99, which is not the cheapest for a notebook, but it’s made of sturdy stuff and has 260 pages.

Cat Peropon Planter Giant

Image of a cat planter with a tongue that laps up the water - for cat lovers

This little planter is the cutest I’ve ever seen. I want an army of them around my house, stat! This is the giant version, but, you can also get teeny ones which you can find.. here. They lap up the water via their tongue! The giant one is £29.99 and the small ones are £10.99.

Cats Design Engraved Photo Frame

Image of a simple wooden photo frame with cat shaped cut outs - for cat lovers

All cat lovers are bound to have pictures of their kitties, so what better place to put them than a nice simple frame? I really like this one because it’s wooden and simplistic in design, I think a lot of frames end up being over the top and looking tacky. This would make a nice subtle addition to a home and in turn would make a lovely gift. The price of the frame is £16.99.

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Image of a crazy cat lady action figure, with six cats - for cat lovers - humour

This is a bit of a silly one, but a perfect gift for cat lovers who have a sense of humour about it. It’s £13.20, but it comes with six cats! If I owned this it would sit in my office, proudly reminding me that I’m indeed a crazy cat lady. I have no shame!

Rapport Home – Duvet Day Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

Image of a grey duvet set, with a cat image on the end and other small details - for cat lovers

I actually saw this duvet set on someone elses blog (so shouts out to you, if you see this, I’m sorry I can’t remember the name of your blog). As soon as I saw this duvet set, I knew I wanted it. Not only does it have a cat on it, but it has a load of other things that I love on it. £27.00 for a king size duvet set, which isn’t bad really!

What did you think of my gift guide? See anything you plan on purchasing? Or perhaps you own something here already? Let me know in the comments!

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Please note prices of items may change from the time of writing this post. Amazon links are affiliate links, but other links are not.

Disclaimer: The images are not my own, they are taken directly from the stores websites.






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