Glam & Style Chopstick Styler Review

Glam & Style Chopstick Styler - image of product and box

If your hair is naturally straight, like mine, then curling your hair can be a great non permanent way to switch up your hairstyle. I was very fortunate and excited to be sent a Glam & Style Chopstick Styler to review on my blog.

All about the Glam & Style Chopstick Styler

The Glam & Style Chopstick Styler has a thin tourmaline-ceramic barrel, with an on/off switch on the handle.

It heats up to 200°C in under two minutes.

It has an LED indicator on the handle which lets you know when it’s hot enough to use.

The Glam & Style Chopstick Styler is able to stand up on its own when you set it down.

The cord is nice and long at 1.8 metres and it swivels.

The price at the time of writing this review is £24.99

My experience with the Glam & Style Chopstick Styler

The first thing I noticed about the curling wand was how thin the barrel is. It’s by far the thinnest barreled curler I’ve ever used, so I was very excited and expected dramatic ringlets like on the box. Plugging in the curler, I found the cord to be nice and long and the fact that it swivels was a huge plus.. there’s nothing worse than getting yourself all tangled up because of a stubborn cord. The LED indicator said it would light up when it was hot enough, but as soon as it was turned on it lit up. Not sure if that means it is immediately hot or what?

I decided I wanted to test out the stand, to see how well it performed when you set it down on a surface. Personally, I didn’t think the stand worked very well. The long cord weighed down the curler and pulled it off any surface it was placed on. I’m assuming this is because of how thin and light the barrel of the styler is. When it wasn’t plugged in I got it to stand up successfully, but I didn’t trust it enough when it was turned on as it kept pulling it off. However, this might be down to the fact that it was plugged in lower than my surface I was setting it on. Perhaps this wouldn’t happen if it was plugged in at the same level or higher.

Using the curler

Using the wand is like many other curlers and can be tricky to get close to the scalp as the barrel tends to slide down the hair. There’s no clamp on this curler either, which probably would have helped lessen that. Despite that, though, it was fairly easy to use.

It has a cool tip, which is great for something to hold on to.

My hair curled with it very easily and I’m happy to say that it didn’t fry my hair. The Glam & Style Chopstick Styler gave me no indication that it was destroying my hair. So, that’s good.

I didn’t manage to get the glorious ringlets depicted on the box. These are the curls I did manage to achieve with the curler.

Glam & Style Chopstick Styler - image of curled hair

Final thoughts on the Glam & Style Chopstick Styler

While I don’t think the curls are particularly my style, this is a good budget curler. It heats up fast, is easy to use, works well, gives unique curls and doesn’t destroy your hair.

I think if you like the look of the curls I got with this, then you’ll love this product.

What do you think of the curls I got with the Glam & Style Chopstick Styler? Let me know your thoughts on this product in the comments below.

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I received this product for free, but I wasn't told to say anything and all views are my own. Affiliate link has been used


  1. February 26, 2018 / 9:43 pm

    I can never get curls to work on me. I wish I could though because I love curly hair!

    Corinne x

  2. February 28, 2018 / 10:35 am

    I suck so badly with curling wands! I don’t even own straighteners as my hair is naturally straight! This, however, looks like it does a really good job, and I want to try it so I can have a pretty curled style for once!! 🙂 Tania Michele xx

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