A mini goal is much more attainable

A mini goal is much more attainable - image of laptop, coffee and notepad

Everyone seems to make new years resolutions, but I decided that a mini goal is much more attainable.

A mini goal can be anything you want it to be. Maybe you want to smile more, maybe you want to do your makeup more, maybe you want to play with your pets more. Anything has the potential to be a mini goal.

I set myself a few mini goals below:

A mini goal is much more attainable - image of exercise step and resistance bands

Do more exercise

I know that everyone says this in January, but it’s something that I really want to do. For Christmas, I got an exercise step and resistance bands [pictured above] from my fiance, (don’t worry, I asked for them.. he wasn’t being mean!), hopefully they will help me achieve this goal. We already have a treadmill that I try to use, but I wanted more options.

It can be super hard to exercise with depression. Most days I just want to stay in bed and do nothing. The thing, is I usually feel better after exercise, it’s just pushing myself to do it that is the hard part. I also really hate to be sweaty. Am I alone in that? It feels gross and I hate smelling bad, plus showering feels like such a hassle. I have to shower after exercise, because my hair is so thick and I sweat through it too. Hate it.

I just realised the more I talk about this, the more I’m putting myself off my own mini goal and that wasn’t my intention for this post at all.

A mini goal is much more attainable - image of Alice women's energy soft jel vitamins and Holland & Barrett Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D vitamins

Take vitamins daily

For this mini goal I really want to make a conscious effort to try to take vitamins daily, see if I notice a difference in myself.

I take medication daily as it is, anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. I just need to include these into the fold daily too.

I’m loving these soft jelly multi-vitamins from Alive [pictured above] and I can definitely see myself taking these regularly. I know, I’m a big kid. The fact that they are like sweets really encourages me to keep going with them. They taste really nice too!

These other vitamins from Holland & Barrett [pictured above] should also help me get the vitamins I’m desperately lacking.

A mini goal is much more attainable - image of face masks

Do more face masks

I really love pampering myself.. there’s nothing better. I wish I could do it more to be honest. This mini goal is self indulgent, really. I recently found this gorgeous sheet mask from Holland & Barrett [pictured above]. It makes my skin feel absolutely amazing and super soft.

I’m new to sheet masks, but now I’m wondering why as they are so much easier than regular face masks. I don’t have to smear horrible gunk on my face, just pull out the mask and lay it on my face. I have two other regular masks still [pictured above] but I think from here on out I’m going to be using sheet masks exclusively. Possibly might make an exception to this rule if I find one that has amazing claims though.

A mini goal is much more attainable - image of Bedtime Bliss sleep mask and Mystic Moments essential oils

Get more sleep

Another super indulgent mini goal of mine. Some would argue that I sleep too much as it is, but I think my quality of sleep is poor.  Although I may manage to stay in bed for 12 hours plus, it seems that sleep is often disturbed throughout. I guess I just want to get better quality sleep.

Bedtime Bliss recently sent me another sleep mask to try out, this one is in red. It’s exactly the same as the black one I reviewed here, so if you’re interested in getting one yourself go check out that post.

I’m still using an essential oil diffuser at night, the one I talked about here. I really love these large bottles of essential oils too, from Mystic Moments [pictured above]. I picked up a bottle of lavender and peppermint. Currently I’m loving this combination of oils at night.

A mini goal is much more attainable - image of open books

Do more reading

I am absolutely terrible at reading. I must have at least seven unread books that I’ve been gifted in the last few years that remain unread [two of which I’ve pictured above].

This mini goal of mine is to try to read more this year. Even if I only manage one book, I call that a success on my part. A book really has to captivate me and suck me in for me to continue reading it and rarely does that happen.

My fiance got me a Kindle one year, which was supposed to really help me get into reading. I’m very tech orientated and physical copies of books seem very cumbersome and not very private. I’m sad to say that my kindle has had very minimal use. This year I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I do tend to play with it in bed, so who knows, I may end up reading on that.

A mini goal is much more attainable - image of crochet hooks, wool yarn and knitting needles

Learn to crochet and get back into knitting

For Christmas, one of my fiance’s sisters kindly got me a gorgeous set of crochet hooks [pictured above] and I don’t know how to use them. I asked for crochet hooks with every intention of learning how to use them, so hopefully I manage this mini goal this year.

I also used to knit a lot. Hitting a few bumps in the road with that really discouraged me. I couldn’t really get past knitting on a beginners level, reading patterns are like reading a foreign language and seems so difficult. There just seemed too much to learn to advance any further with it. I think for this mini goal I would like to just go back to knitting on a basic level, who cares if I don’t advance. It seems so ridiculous to stress myself out with it, when it was just supposed to be a fun hobby.

In general, I just want to do more creative stuff this year.

Mini Goal Final thoughts

I think new years resolutions are silly and of course there are much bigger things I want to accomplish than this, but having a mini goal or two on the side seems less overwhelming.

What do you think of the mini goals I’ve got? Have you got anything similar that you want to achieve this year? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear your mini goals.

If you purchase the sleep mask through my Amazon link I will make a tiny profit, you'd be helping me out. Thanks.

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  1. February 3, 2018 / 9:51 am

    A mini goal is definitely more achievable than a bigger one! Good for you for making some goals that should make a big impact on your wellbeing. Exercise is a brilliant one – it can be really hard to get the motivation some days, especially if you’re struggling with depression, but exercise has brilliant mood-boosting effects.

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