Everything is better with Glitter Makeup – Sparkle this Christmas

Jolie Bomb Dot Com Palette - photo of the outside of the glitter palette

Now we’re in December it’s time to break out all that glitter makeup you have.. or, if you’re like me, you never put it away. I kept seeing gorgeous images all over Instagram of this palette, “Bomb Dot Com” from Jolie and I just knew, as a lover of all things sparkly, that I had to have it. Not only does this palette just scream everything that I love, it was something I’d been looking for and was yet to find one of decent quality.

Navigating the Website

I purchased this palette online, direct from Jolie’s website and I was super impressed with how easy they made the whole process. They didn’t make me register or do anything time consuming in order to purchase. I found the palette really easily on their site too, and their website in general was laid out really nicely.


The “Bomb Dot Com” palette from Jolie is a very affordable £25.99. There’s 24 super pretty glitter shades to play with. For 24 colours, that’s really amazing.

Wait time

It took two weeks for my palette to be delivered, but apparently it soared in popularity because it was in a YouTube video and that’s why it took so long to get here.

First Impressions of the Bomb Dot Com palette

As I said earlier, I had seen this pretty much all over the Internet before I decided to go ahead and purchase it.. so I already knew what to expect. I was blown away by just how sparkly this palette is. My photos really don’t do the glitter shades justice. It looks a lot more sparkly as you turn it in your hand. I would have included a video of that, but my hands shake so much that you’d all be seasick if I even included the footage I shot. The third image down gives you a better look at how glittery this palette is.

The only thing that would make this palette better is if it had a mirror included, but that would probably bump up the price if they did that.

Jolie Bomb Dot Com Palette - photo of inside the palette and the amazing 24 colours of glitter eyeshadow

Is this glitter eyeshadow safe?

A genuine concern when it comes to purchasing glittery eyeshadow, or anything generally going near the eye region in makeup, is how safe it is. The “Bomb Dot Com” palette is made from cosmetic grade glitter, so that means it’s perfectly safe to go on your eyelids. Good to know! You always hear about those horror stories with glitter makeup, about particles of glitter lodging themselves into someones eyeball and cutting it. Nasty! I’m very pleased to say that this palette is claiming to be absolutely safe.


Hydrogenated Styrene/Butadiene Copolymer, Mineral Oil, Polyisubutene, Mica, Silica, Aluminium Powder, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Zinc Sulfide, Propylparaben, BHA, May Contain (+/-) Red 28, Yellow 5, Blue 1, C177499, C177891, Chromium Hydroxide Green, C177492, C177491

Make the glitter stay longer

You can make this glitter eyeshadow stay a lot longer if you put down some glitter glue or use your favourite setting spray. Just spritz your brush with a bit of setting spray and you’ll be sure to make it stay put for longer.

Jolie Bomb Dot Com Palette - photo of closer look at the 24 glitter colours inside the palette

Eye look I created using Bomb Dot Com

Here’s the glittery eye look that I created with this palette. I used a matte pink shadow from Makeup Revolution for a transitional shade in my crease. The rest is made up of two different glitter pink shades from the “Bomb Dot Com” palette. The fifth along on the bottom row (going left to right) is the main colour over my lid. I used the fourth from the left (on the top row) for a darker pink on the outer corners. For my inner corners I used a tiny bit of the white shade (far right, top row). I also added some white shimmer powder in there too.

Please excuse the bad lighting. Natural light is too dark at the moment and artificial light has decided to cast a horrible shadow! The woes of blogging at this time of year.

Jolie Bomb Dot Com Palette - closeup photo of Merkitty's eyes using the glitter pink shades

My thoughts after using it

I can’t fault how pigmented it is. It’s absolutely gorgeous when it comes to the glitter shades you get and how rich in colour they are.

However, I did notice that there was quite a bit of fallout. I think it is expected to a certain degree when you use glitter eyeshadows. I just didn’t anticipate quite as much fallout as I got. Not to mention, glitter is super messy to work with. It gets everywhere! After this look was complete, I had glitter all over my clothes, brushes, face, sponge and fingers. Messy, yes, but incredibly worth it.

Fortunately, I had some foresight and decided to do my eye makeup first before the rest of my makeup. I recommend working in that order too, or else you’ll disrupt your foundation, etc.., if you need to clear up any fallout or clean up edges.

To create the look above, I just used a basic white W7 eyeshadow primer as my base, which the glitter didn’t seem to love too much. The glitter wouldn’t apply right at all with a brush, it was far too patchy and unblendable. So, I decided that I’d press the glitter shadow onto my lid with my finger instead. This was a much better method and gave a full coverage. Success!

Final thoughts

Overall, I really like the “Bomb Dot Com” palette and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it.. especially over the Christmas period. I really want to create a Christmas look with the reds and greens, though, as someone who usually sticks to neutral makeup, this both excites and terrifies me.

I would definitely buy from Jolie again and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with this palette.

What do you think about this makeup palette? Have you tried Jolie makeup before? If not, are you going to try?

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I purchased this palette with my own money, all images and views are my own. I was not paid or influenced in any way for this blog post.

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  1. December 1, 2017 / 8:13 pm

    Oooh so sparkly!
    I have to say, I love my urban decay palettes this time of year, I put as many shades on as I can and just go extra with the glittery ones! Love it 🙂

    I’d never heard of this brand before, so I’ll definitely have a look. Really comprehensive review!

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