Christmas Flowers – Festive Decoration with Prestige Flowers

Prestige Flowers Christmas Bouquet - Photo of Christmas Flowers with tinsel, baubles and chocolates

Christmas flowers are a fantastic way to add a gorgeous pop of colour to your home. The very lovely Prestige Flowers* sent me an absolutely stunning Christmas bouquet from their Christmas range to review.

This is what I thought of them:

How the Christmas Flowers arrived

The Christmas bouquet arrived secured in a pretty box, they were wrapped up neatly and were easy to remove. They also came with a lovely glass vase and a box of Valley Chocolates.

Prestige Flowers - Photo of the box the Christmas flowers arrived in

First impressions

Besides the fact that these Christmas flowers are beautiful to look at.. I was blown away by how good they smelt! The smell was like an elaborate Christmas dessert. As usual, my male cat was enamoured with them.. he seems to have a thing for flowers. I think even he was impressed with the alluring scent.

The bouquet consists of red roses and gerberas. The pleasant festive aroma mainly comes from the wrapped cinnamon sticks which help make up this fabulous Christmas bouquet. There are also a few pine cones meticulously placed alongside the flowers, really making this a super festive bouquet.

The Christmas flowers came with a handy flower care guide too, which I think is very helpful for those of us that do not possess green fingers.

I really liked the vase that was included, but I decided to use my own for the photographs. I chose to use the vase that came with the Christmas flowers to house some baubles for some additional decoration.

Prestige Flowers - extreme close up photograph of the Christmas flowers

Winning me over with Chocolate

I didn’t think this bouquet could be any better, but then I found the box of chocolates it came with. I am a little obsessed with chocolate, so when I saw the box I knew they weren’t going to last until Christmas.. and they didn’t. The plus side is that my fiancé and I gobbled them up in record speed so I could tell you how good they are.

Boxes of chocolates work out quite well in our household, usually anything I dislike my fiancé will eat. I won’t eat anything with nuts or coffee and dark chocolate doesn’t really agree with me too well, so I steer clear of those usually. I favour milk chocolate, white chocolate and anything with soft, gooey centres.

Between the two of us, we liked all but one chocolate in the box. My fiancé didn’t like the mango one he tried and I don’t think I would have liked that one either. Besides that, they were really tasty and highly enjoyable. They made a great after dinner treat while we were snuggled up in front of the telly.

Prestige Flowers - Close up photo of the chocolates that came with the Christmas flowers

Finding suitable decorations at Christmas can be tricky

I’ve really been wanting to get some more Christmas decorations this year, but I find that there’s a very fine line between tasteful and tacky. Not to mention it’s either super cheap and nasty in quality, or it’s so expensive that you aren’t sure who would ever consider purchasing it.

So, can you imagine how pleased I was when these arrived..? Flowers are affordable and pleasing to look at, so it’s a win win.

The only downside to owning flowers is that if you’re a pet owner, like myself, then you have to ensure these are well away from your furry family members. That’s a tricky thing to do with cats, as they can jump up practically anywhere. Since I don’t want them to get sick, as most flowers are toxic to them, I make sure I am around to supervise. Sometimes this means having to pick them up and move them to be wherever I am. At night they are put up high in our bedroom and are not easily accessible.

Prestige Flowers - photo of Christmas flowers surrounded by festive decoration and an open box of chocolates

Final thoughts on the Christmas Flowers

Overall, I’m super impressed with these Christmas flowers. They have been a welcome addition to our Christmas decorations and I’d definitely consider getting another Christmas bouquet next year, especially ones that smell this good. I don’t like the taste of cinnamon, but the smell is amazing!

I think these would make a fantastic gift for someone too. Perhaps you have someone that’s really difficult to buy for but appreciates a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Personally, I think everyone should treat themselves to some Christmas flowers. A decorative floral arrangement makes an attractive addition to your festivities.

You can check out the range of Christmas flowers that Prestige Flowers have to offer here. My other reviews can be found here.

What do you all think about these flowers? Will you give Prestige Flowers a try? Have you ever gifted flowers at Christmas before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

I received these flowers for free in exchange for an honest review. All images and opinions are my own*

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  1. Vicky
    December 6, 2017 / 1:45 pm

    Lovely flowers! I want Christmas flowers now. 🙂

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