Royal Cosmetics – Rainbow Makeup Brushes & Bronzer

Photo of Royal Cosmetic Connections Rainbow Makeup Brushes and Bronzer

I love getting new makeup brushes and I don’t know any makeup addict that doesn’t enjoy new products or makeup brushes. Royal Cosmetics* were lovely enough to send me a couple of their rainbow makeup brushes and one of their bronzers to try out. I was beyond thrilled.


The rainbow makeup brushes arrived in nice, clear, individual plastic boxes. I received a Rainbow Powder Brush and a Rainbow Buffer Brush. The back of the packaging gives suggestions for what they recommend each brush to be used for, but as many makeup artists tell you there are no rules when it comes to makeup. There is also some helpful care advice on how to clean your brushes. The packaging was easy to open too.

The bronzer arrived in protective bubble wrap and after that was removed it was taped shut. Don’t you just hate it when you order a pressed powder or shadow and it’s poorly packaged and it arrives smashed to pieces? I’m happy to report that was not an issue with this bronzer and it arrived in perfect condition.

Photo of the Royal Cosmetic Connections Rainbow Brushes makeup brushes packaged in clear plastic boxes and their bronzer beside it

First impressions

As soon as I opened these products I was immediately in love with the brushes. The makeup brushes are very pleasing to look at! The design of the brush handles makes holding these brushes extremely comfortable. They don’t feel too weighty or light either, just the right amount of weight to them.

The bronzer packaging looked a lot different to what I was expecting, but I like that you are able to see the product through the packaging.

Royal Cosmetic Connections Rainbow Brushes and Bronzer photo, showing a closeup of the makeup brushes bristles

Royal Cosmetics Rainbow Buffer Brush and Rainbow Powder Brush

The rainbow powder brush is a super fluffy brush, perfect for dusting on any powders. In fact, I used this in conjunction with the bronzer because it was so fluffy, which meant that the bronzer wasn’t too intense for me. It felt incredibly soft and good quality, really impressed with it. I think out of the two brushes this one is my favourite.

The rainbow buffer brush is still nice and of the same high quality, but the bristles are a lot firmer. I used this brush to buff out any harsher edges, which seemed to work beautifully. It’s much like blending out your eyeshadow, but for your face.

Royal Cosmetic Bronzer photo close up

Royal Cosmetics Bronzer

Bronzer usually makes me nervous because of how dark they all are on me. I’m super pale and bronzers just look wrong on me, I usually end up looking dirty and like I’m in good need of a shower. Imagine my surprise when this one actually works for me! It’s not too intense and I can get away with it. If I team it with the rainbow powder brush especially I can dust it on without it looking too insane. It gives my skin a nice subtle warmth and makes me look less dead. It feels quite velvety too, and isn’t chalky or weird.


Talc, mica, nylon-12, paraffinum, liquidum, dimethicone, magnesium aluminium silicate, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, C1 77491, C1 77492, C1 77499


In the image below you can see a swatch of it against my ghostly pale skin and that it is a nice shade for me.

Royal Cosmetics Bronzer swatch photo

Where to buy and how much

You can buy the Royal Cosmetics rainbow makeup brushes through Rainbow Powder Brush | Rainbow Buffer Brush as well as all Beauty Outlet stores. They retail at £5 each.

Royal Cosmetics bronzer can be bought through Fragrance Direct. Which retails at £1.99.

Price wise I think the rainbow brushes are priced fairly and I was most impressed with the low price of the bronzer.

Final thoughts on the makeup brushes and bronzer

I really liked trying these products out and it has made me want to see what other products Royal Cosmetics have out there. I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of the brushes and I will now be incorporating bronzing into my makeup routine (seeing as now I have one that works for me!)

What do you think of these? Let me know in the comments!

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*I received these products for free, but the images and opinions are my own.

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