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The walls in our home are a little bare, even after having lived here for over two years. I always thought about what to put where but for one reason or another we just didn’t get around to hanging too much on the walls. We have a couple of things, but nothing that really stands out. So, how pleased was I when the lovely company, Photowall, got in touch with me? They asked me if I’d like to review one of their fabulous murals or canvases. There was no other answer but yes!*

About Photowall

Photowall is a fabulous Swedish company who sell gorgeous murals and canvas prints. The murals and canvases are fire safe and their amazing array of designs do not fade in sunlight.

I really like the fact that they are a company keen on helping the environment. They make to order and the ink used is environmentally friendly. They work with Vi Agroforestry, planting trees in Africa, so when you shop with Photowall you are helping out too.

Their website

On Photowall’s website everything is so easy to find, wall murals have their own section, as do canvases. I spent a good few days browsing their site because there are so many different options to choose from. They have something for every room!

You can narrow by category, colour or by room, which can help immensely if you’re unsure what would work for your home. There is a large selection of designer murals and canvases too, and they are all absolutely stunning. Photowall is even an official partner with Disney, so you can pick up some super cute pieces for kids or the young at heart.

I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was for me to choose something.. I could have very easily found something I liked for every room in our house. With over 3000 designs in their range, you can see how easy it is to spend hours looking.

If you want something completely bespoke you can even upload your own photo or design and have that as a mural or canvas. That would make such a unique gift for someone, or even as something special for your own home. It’s such a fun thing to do and nobody else would have it! Well, unless you bought it for other people I guess. Semantics! There is even a section for you to purchase a gift voucher for someone else if you can’t decide what to treat them to.

I seriously debated uploading a photo of my cats to have a huge print of them in our home. I know, I know, I’m a crazy cat lady.

What I picked

In the end, I decided to try to pick something for the living room. I wasn’t entirely sure on what sort of colour scheme to go for, but I knew that I wanted to brighten up the room. I came across this autumnal forest scene called “Herbstimpression” and the perspective of this image just pulled me right in and I thought it might be a nice fit for our living room. The size I went with is fairly large, 120cm by 60cm. I had it in mind that I wanted it to span across the width of the chimney breast in our lounge.

At the end of this post I’ve included a picture of the canvas print above the fireplace, for your own reference so you can see how it looked. The positioning of artwork in ones home is very much a subjective exercise. It is not until you see it hanging you can appreciate how it complements a room.

As you can see from the first image, we actually ended up hanging it above our treadmill in a different room and it fits perfectly there.

We were so impressed with our canvas from Photowall that we’ve decided to order another design and this time it will go above the fireplace.


It’s super simple to place an order and you can easily choose the dimensions of your canvas or mural to suit your own needs. The murals can be absolutely huge (like seriously big) and the canvases can be as big as 150 cm by 150 cm, or as small as 40 cm by 40 cm. You can pick what kind of edging you want for your canvas, the choices are white, black and 3D (a continuation of the design). Another selection that is available to you is whether you would like it to be a mirror image of the original design, or if you’d like to crop the design. You can order it with or without a “Do-it-yourself” frame. For the wall murals you are able to choose if you’d like the standard or premium material; premium being scratch-resistant, wipe clean and non reflective. No matter how big your mural, each individual panel is 45 cm. All murals come with wallpaper paste too.

Delivery is free and secure and typically takes between 4 and 6 days. I was able to track my canvas with DHL for its entire journey.

How the canvas arrived

It arrived extremely well packaged and not damaged in any way, which was amazing considering it had a long journey from Sweden.


I am absolutely terrible at assembling things, no matter how good instructions are I am hopeless. I once put a desk together completely backwards and it was totally wrong. Thankfully my lovely fiance was on hand to put it together. Fortunately for me he actually enjoys putting things together, which is great because of how awful I am at it, so I left my fiance to get on with it.

He said that it was fairly simple to put together, which is good to know. All you need to do is the following:

  • Roll out the canvas face down on a clean flat surface
  • Position the frame pieces along the edges of the canvas as shown in the instructions
  • When you are happy with the position of the frame pieces, simply remove the tape and adhere to the canvas
  • Fold over the corner pieces of the canvas which stick to the edges of the frame
  • Then turn the frame pieces in on themselves, towards the centre of the canvas
  • Fix the frame together using the right angled brackets and thumb screws
  • Now it’s ready to hang on the wall using the supplied wall bracket and screws!

Fortunately, he took a few pictures as he was putting it together for me, which I’ve included below:

Canvas in the box:

Photowall Canvas Assembly Photo 1 canvas in box

Here are the parts laid out on the carpet. You can see the wooden frame, rolled up cotton canvas, screws, brackets and hanging hook:

Photowall Canvas assembly photo 2 - parts laid on the floor

This is where you assemble the wooden frame around the canvas, which is face down on the carpet:

Photowall Canvas DIY frame assembly photo

Another image of the canvas, this is it above the fireplace, before we relocated it:

Photowall DIY Canvas Herbstimpression on the mantlepiece

Final thoughts

If you can’t tell already I am absolutely over the moon with our canvas. We ordered another design, that is how impressed we were. We may even consider one of these as a Christmas present this year. Amazing quality, superb selection of designs to choose from, they make great gifts and I had exceptional communication with the company.

Overall, I had a very good experience with Photowall and I would highly recommend them.

Photowall were lovely enough to let me share a code with you all for 20% off their entire range for a limited time. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer then enter the code photowallmerkitty2017 at checkout. Happy shopping!

Let me know your thoughts on the canvas we picked in the comments below. Have you used Photowall or plan to do so in the future?

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*Special thanks to Photowall who provided me with a canvas to review in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. November 10, 2017 / 9:40 pm

    That canvas is gorgeous! 😍🍁🍂
    I’ve never heard of Photowall before but will have a look at the end of the month (pay day). Hopefully I’ll be able to use the discount code.

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