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Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask - Picture of eye mask and packaging

I’m someone that needs a lot of sleep, good quality sleep, in order to function. I like the room to be pitch black if possible. Sometimes it’s not feasible for me to have a super dark room, either due to my sleep schedule being so erratic or the fact that my fiancé sometimes will stay awake longer than me watching things on his phone beside me in bed. I’ve tried all kinds of different things to remedy these problems over the years, from putting clothing over my face to purchasing various sleeping masks. I even knitted myself a sleeping mask, which ended up being itchy, uncomfortable and a huge mistake.

The perfect sleep mask was out there all along and I had no idea! So, when this Sleep Mask, from Bedtime Bliss, was on my radar I was super excited to try it out and put its claims to the test.

Initial Thoughts on the Sleep Mask

I must confess that when I opened it up, my first thought was, “this looks like a bra” and I even commented to my fiance, “Look I have an eye bra!”

Once I got past the immaturity of those thoughts I was impressed at how nice it felt, the eye cups felt soft and yet held their shape. The strap wasn’t too thick or thin and because it’s adjustable it meant that it wasn’t tight and uncomfortable, not like the elastic ones I had been used to.

It comes with Moldex earplugs too, which some people might find super useful. Personally, I don’t like not being able to hear anything, especially when I’m by myself, but I appreciate that some people may need complete silence.

I’ve included a picture of the interior of one of the moulded eye cups:

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask picture of the inside of one of the eye cups

Did it work?

Yes, it worked amazingly well! I was shocked at just how much light this blocked out and how comfortable it was. I loved not feeling something pressing up against my eyelids, being able to open my eyes comfortably and still see darkness made me forget I was even wearing a sleeping mask. There was the tiniest peep of light around my nose, but I think I just have a strange nose shape and I don’t think most people would have that tiny gap. It’s a warm mask too, which will be absolutely perfect for the colder months.

Final thoughts

Considering I’ve been wearing this mask every night since I received it, I’d say it’s a huge success. It’s currently the best selling mask on Amazon and I can easily see why.. it’s by far the best sleeping mask I’ve tried so far and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for one. It won’t break the bank either. It might make a nice gift for someone that loves their sleep too, but of course treat yourself to one first.

A nice addition to this mask is this AMIR diffuser I reviewed.

Do you own this mask or will you be trying it out? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. On the amazon link I will receive a small amount if you purchase through it.

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