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Hello, you lovely people! I hope everyone is doing well.

I can’t believe that it was November of last year that I wrote my last post. Towards the end of the year everything was such a blur. We had the whole saga with the downstairs flooding and the extremely worrying time of finding out whether or not I had cancer. After my biopsy I was told to come back to the hospital… this panicked me as I had expected a letter if everything was fine and only to get called in if something was indeed wrong. Thankfully, it turned out to be nothing. I can’t express the relief I felt.

The biopsy was done on my tongue (in case you missed my previous post about this) and I only felt the initial numbing injection. It did feel a bit strange at someone pulling my tongue out of my face and holding it there while another lady cut it though. Your tongue kinda wants to do its own thing, so after a while it wanted to retreat back into my mouth (much like a turtle going back into its shell) but they held it clamped while I could feel it wobbling around begging for freedom. On the off chance someone reading this is also having a tongue biopsy, it’s not as scary as I had anticipated it to be. I had freaked myself out prior to it by googling it, which I should learn by now to never do.. but alas, I never learn from my mistakes apparently. After the numbing wore off I did feel the pain and before we had even left the car park my disolvable stitches were coming out. I had to get my partner to phone to make sure it was okay when we got home as I found talking difficult. In fact, not only was talking difficult, but eating was a complete nightmare. I think I lived off of mash potato, mash carrot and mash swede for about a week. As soon as I got the okay to eat solid food I celebrated with a naughty McDonalds. Not sponsored. My tongue is now completely healed and you can’t really tell anything happened unless I poke my tongue out and specifically point to the misshapen area. It hasn’t affected my speech or anything else. Apparently I just had a really gross ulcer that refused to heal. I’m glad it’s gone and even more relieved to know it’s not cancerous. A couple of pictures of my tongue are at the end of this post, one taken not long after and the other as it was healing, feel free to not look if you’re squeamish.

It took a while to dry the floors out downstairs with industrial sized heaters and then it took a while to choose new flooring… and then my partner wanted to fit it himself, so we had to make sure he could do it when he wasn’t working. This meant that the work ended up being done in stages, but the main thing is its done now and it’s far better than it was before! We now have post underfloor heating in the kitchen and bathroom too. I’m not a fan of change and when faced with it, I absolutely hate it, but sometimes change ends out working for the better. I think I’m just a stubborn Taurus at the end of the day. Change has and probably always will be, terrifying for me.

So, after that nightmare was over and done with I found myself needing to recover. I think the stress of all that had made me get one illness after the other too, of which I am still struggling with. Right now I seem to be okay, although I’m due on my period soon and that has always been so painful for me that I can’t stand to do much. I’m going to try to get back to some kind of posting schedule, but I don’t want to put too many harsh restrictions on myself otherwise I shall beat myself up if I don’t stick to it.

The beginning of this year has been a bit strange, I’m trying to recall what I did with myself, but I don’t honestly know. I do know I’ve spent an obscene amount of time watching YouTube and Netflix in bed. Sometimes I just need that time to do that, y’know?

Lately I’ve been a little addicted to playing Player Unknown Battlegrounds. It’s definitely not a game I thought I’d ever be into, having come from a love of simulation games. I started off by watching other people on YouTube playing it, then migrating over to watching people on Twitch playing it.. to eventually buying the game myself and having a go. As of writing this I have 66 hours logged in the game, which sounds a lot, but it’s nothing compared to other people. Plus, I still suck. I’ve not won once yet, the closest I’ve come is second place and I about had a heart attack when that happened. Multiplayer games usually bring out the idiots too, so if you are considering giving it a go I highly recommend muting chat.. the filth that comes out of peoples mouths is unreal. I’d also watch videos about it beforehand, to give you an idea of what kind of game it is. I don’t have anyone to play it with, so on the off chance someone out there wants to play.. let me know!

Both cats are fine, initial picture is modelled by my oldest fur baby.. I thought it was appropriate since he has his tongue exposed.

Pictures now to follow of tongue, you have been warned!

Look forward to posting more soon! ♥

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Tongue Biopsy image

Picture of Tongue Biopsy Area where it's started to heal






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