Birchbox August 2017 – Mermaid Vibes – Feeling It

Birchbox August 2017 Mermaid Vibes Merkitty Title Image

Birchbox August 2017 – Mermaid Vibes

I’ve been a Birchbox subscriber since April and I’m really enjoying getting to try out makeup and beauty related products. It’s a fun way of trying out things I wouldn’t normally consider and it means I get to find new favourites and step out of my comfort zone every now and then. I had to share this month’s box purely because of the mermaid theme! The box is absolutely gorgeous and I love some of the items I’ve received too. Every month some products are a huge hit with me and some just completely miss the mark.. I think one month (I forget which) was really disappointing and I felt that it wasn’t catered to me at all and made me question why I’d got the things I did.. but overall I do enjoy the experience of getting it. Birchbox is something fun to receive and makes each month a bit more exciting.

So, what came in this box?

Well, the products I received are in the picture below.. I think each subscribers box is a little different. Although I do believe everyone received the brush this month.

Birchbox August list of what is included Merkitty

I love the Spectrum brush, it’s so soft and gorgeous to look at. The stick shadow looks interesting, but I’ve been using pressed shadows a lot lately, so I’m not sure what I will think of it, but the colour isn’t very intense, so it might make a nice transitional colour for the crease or something. I think I would have preferred the brown, but we’ll see.

The texturizing spray isn’t really something that interests me all that much.. I rarely do anything with my hair besides blow dry it and it dries pretty straight too. I guess if I wanted to pull out my curlers this may help it hold a curl..?

The antibacterial hand wash is a huge disappointment to receive! I buy that stuff with my weekly grocery shop.. I don’t really consider it a beauty product and more of a necessity! The cream does sounds interesting though, and I’m sure that I will use that.  I will keep you updated!

I do plan on my next post being a hit and miss of the products I’ve received so far, though I don’t think this month will be in it, where I plan to share what I enjoyed from Birchbox so far and what I really disliked.

One thing I really don’t like about some of the products is that the full sized versions are usually way out of my price range. I think out of this month’s box the only items I would purchase if I enjoyed them enough would be the eyeshadow and the hand wash.. everything else is super expensive in my opinion. But seriously, handwash? I probably wouldn’t even go out of my way to buy that if it wasn’t available at Tesco. I’m not going out of my way for handwash.. just no. Am I alone in that or no?

It’s nice to get to use high end products for a while, even if you have no intention of buying them and they are just samples.. it makes me feel richer! I got my subscription as a gift, so I’m not affiliated with Birchbox or paid to say anything in any shape or form, I just wanted to share what goodies I got.


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