When it rains, it pours


I’ve been gone a while, but only because it seems to be lately that one bad thing keeps happening after the next.

A routine appointment has turned into a nightmare.. it ended up with a hospital trip and now I’m scheduled for surgery next week, which involves a soft tissue biopsy. In short, they want to test me for cancer.. and after that I will have to wait an agonizing two weeks to see if I’m in the clear or not. I’ve been very stressed and worried with that. I’ve never really had a big health scare in my life before. I know that many people do have scares and a lot of the time, that’s all they end up being. I hope mine turns out to be just that, a scare. I guess everyone has one at some point and my turn is now.. or at least, I hope that’s all it is.

With all the stress and worry from that, I think it’s made me sick. I’ve had a high temperature, a really bad cough, nausea and generally feeling sick and under the weather. My glands have been up on and off and my body is fighting hard to try to get rid of whatever this is. I need to be well before my surgery, as it’s fast approaching. I spent yesterday in bed, but I didn’t want to be defeated by this another day and dragged myself up even though I still feel awful. I had been sick a lot prior to everything else that had happened too.. so it’s not just this week that I’ve been ill. On and off I have been feeling poorly for a little while, which sucks.

To round out the week a pipe burst in our kitchen and flooded the floor.. we had to rip up the lino and now are in talks with our insurance company over whether they will help us remedy it or not. In the meantime, we’ve been trying to dry out the floor the best we can, while we wait to see if they’ll loan us industrial sized heaters etc. It won’t be worth it if the costs don’t come to much more than the excess they’re asking us to pay.. but we’ll see. I hate living with just a wet concrete floor in the kitchen and it’s like a sauna in there from us desperately trying to dry it out. I can’t stand to be in there for very long, so much so that I haven’t eaten anything yet because it’s just too hot in there for me to do anything for myself. It’s just gone 5pm and I’m starting to feel ravenous.

It’s just been one of those weeks.. and next week isn’t going to be much better. Hopefully I can slowly start posting again, as I do miss posting.

Hopefully everyone has had a much better week, but if you haven’t.. we’ll get through this day by day. Be kind to yourself, always.


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