Why I won’t use Pinterest Again!


So, this post is going to be me explaining and venting a bit.. to explain why I’m not going to use Pinterest any more and what happened and where I’ve been.

On the 24th September I had someone follow me on Pinterest, so I went to my account and immediately followed them back.. which usually isn’t a problem.. but then I had this e-mail show up straight after:


My first reaction was, “What? Why? I don’t understand! This has to be a mistake, right?!”

Immediately I clicked the “If you think we’ve made a mistake, please let us know within the next 7 days” and patiently waited. I figured there was a mistake and that I’d been flagged for some reason and they’d take a look at my account and realise there wasn’t a problem and then reactivate it.

I received this e-mail response:

pinterest-2What?! Huh?!

MOST of my pins go against their spam policy?? I only pin my blog posts, makeup, nails and food related stuff.. how can this possibly be?? I clicked their spam policy and read it and didn’t understand what I’ve done to break it.

I sent them a message to try to find out more and received an automated message that said:

“We’re sorry you came across spam on Pinterest. You can use our in-product reporting options to let us know about a spammy Pin or Pinner. Using our report button helps us review things quickly, but if you think we need to look into a pin sooner, just reply to this email with a link to the Pin or Pinner profile.

You can also unfollow Pinners and boards if you don’t like what you’re seeing in your home feed.

If you’re concerned about someone else accessing your account, you can always change your password.”

Not only did this answer nothing, it had nothing even to do with what I sent. I guess I was sent an automated reply because the title of my e-mail was something along the lines of “My account was suspended because my pins go against your spam policy. I don’t understand why? Please help” I’m assuming that the word “spam” got picked up and an automated reply was sent out.

At this point I was furious and upset. I suffer from depression and anxiety and not knowing what I did wrong was slowly eating away at me. I didn’t even want to blog because I wanted to resolve this issue before I went back to blogging. I felt very confused and waited to see if I’d get a response again, hoping eventually they’d read my e-mail and actually help me.

After I didn’t hear anything further I decided to try again. I was really not wanting to try again though, I felt like I was just hitting my head against a brick wall and not getting anywhere. I was sad that I wasn’t blogging though, so that pushed me to try and get to the bottom of this once more.

Then Pinterest sent me out the following:


I didn’t save anything sexually explicit to Pinterest and I don’t think I was particularly spammy. No more than the average pinner I’d say! In fact, prior to following that person back I had only used the blog a week earlier to pin one of my own blog posts.

Pinterest then sent me an e-mail asking me to rate their support, which I immediately rated as bad.

I also replied to their other e-mail with the following:


Pinterest responded with the following:


So.. they still didn’t tell me what I’ve done wrong. I’d love to see the pins that do go against their policy and why they believe they do.. as far as I’m concerned I did nothing wrong. If I did in fact do something wrong, it would have been lovely for them to explain what I did with a friendly warning and to not do it again.. then I would have learnt from my mistake and made sure I didn’t repeat said mistake.

Anyway, at this point I was tired of the constant back and forth and basically getting nowhere. I will just accept now that I can’t use Pinterest any more.. but I wanted to explain why my account had suddenly vanished and a bit about the poor treatment I received. I still feel very confused and this certainly hasn’t helped me with my depression and anxiety. Thanks Pinterest. Thanks a lot.

From their policies I did learn something though.. bloggers and companies are not allowed to ask people to follow their account or pin a certain post to enter their competition. I did not know that before! I have seen lots of bloggers ask people to follow their Pinterest account or pin their blog post to enter their competition.. and they’re still not suspended! After talking to a friend, he told me that he’s even seen well known companies do the same thing. So, there you go.. if you see people doing that politely tell them that they’re doing something wrong and I guess if they still continue to do it after a warning then you can report them.

If I was allowed to recreate my account I’d be going on a reporting spree I think.. because there are tons of people on Pinterest that are violating LOADS of their policies and they are still around and have been a member much longer than I have.

So.. in conclusion.. fuck Pinterest.


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