Sleepeze Nasal Strips Review – Anti Snoring Aid


Snoring can be really annoying when you share a bed. It can disturb your other half and make your sleep not as restful as it should be, as sometimes your snoring can even wake you up. Both my fiancé and I snore.. although I’m still convinced that I don’t and he’s making it up! I was really excited to be offered the chance to review Sleepeze Nasal Strips. They are exactly how they sound, a strip for your nose that helps open up your airways and give you and your partner a more peaceful night. They are also good for use with sports and exercise, as they promote easier breathing. The packs give you a supply of 2 months, which is a generous pack. The packs themselves aren’t bulky, so you can just slip them in your bedside cabinet without them taking up too much space.

I got to try out three different types, which I’ll show you and talk about more in detail below.


The first kind I got to try out were these Sleepeze Tan Nasal Strips. I was really sceptical at first as to how a plaster was supposed to help open my airways. I even thought that’s purely what they were and figured just sticking a regular plaster on your nose would be a much cheaper option. Little did I know that these actually have a sturdy piece of something in the middle, basically they are more than just a plaster. The hard piece in the middle of the nasal strip means that the ends of the strip get pulled up at the sides. Very surprised to find out that it wasn’t just a plaster and actually had some science to it.

These particular ones are tan coloured, which means they’re kind of skin coloured.. not quite, if you’re super pale like me, but they’re not super obvious either. They do look a little odd on, but once you get past that it’s a nice little design. I worked out that placement of them is very important to how effective they are. Too low, they don’t work. Too high, they don’t work. It can take a bit of practice to find the sweet spot, but once you do, it’s worth it and then you know where to place it for next time.


The next ones I tried out were the Sleepeze Clear Nasal Strips. They are, as suggested, totally clear. These ones, I feel, are perfect if you want to exercise outdoors as they are even more inconspicuous than the tan ones. I did find that once you take them off, be sure to put them straight in the bin, because I dropped one and I still don’t know where it went!!


Finally, the last ones I tried out were the Sleepeze Medium Nasal Strips. These ones are my personal favourite. I found these fit my nose much better! I thought my nose was quite big and I didn’t think these would work for me. I find these ones work much better than the other two because the ends stick in the place they should. I guess my nose isn’t as big as I thought?! These lifted my nostrils up more and stayed stuck down a lot longer than the others did. I guess the size of your nose and the strip you choose can have a big impact on how successful it is at staying on.

Personally, I prefer to use these for exercise, but that’s purely because I move so much in my sleep that they never stayed on all night. I’m a jiffler! My fiance says I often do, what he can only describe as, “wrestling moves” in my sleep. I body slam into the bed when I turn over and I guess the amount of movement I do affects how well they stayed stuck. For normal sleepers, these will probably stay stuck a lot longer.

Now, my fiancé said I snored less when I wore these though.. so even if they didn’t stay stuck on all night, it didn’t matter as it gave him enough time to get to sleep. I find they do help me breathe easier, which was an unexpected surprise. I didn’t think I’d feel any different wearing them if I’m totally honest, but I did.


Above you can see the different sizes. The tan strip is the top one, the medium strip is in the middle and the clear one is at the bottom. The clear one has the white backing still stuck to it, otherwise you wouldn’t see it as easily.

Have you tried these strips before? If not, would you give them a go? Let me know what you think.

These strips are available to purchase through the buydefinition website or from Amazon, by clicking the images below:

Although I received these nasal strips free of charge to review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Jayne Kelsall
    September 10, 2016 / 4:54 pm

    Yes I have tried these and think they are great .x

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