Yours Accessories for the Summer

I’ve never bought accessories before from a plus size shop before, but I couldn’t resist when I saw this lovely bag and big sunglasses from Yours

I really love the bag, it was only £18 and is nice and light and perfect for Summer. It’s totally different to my usual tastes, I normally never stray from black.. but I felt like I needed something lighter for the warmer weather. On the outside, there’s a cute dangling tassle, it doesn’t overpower the bag at all either, it just looks cute. Inside the bag there is even a hidden zip for your purse, which I particularly like, it means no digging around in your bag trying to find it among everything else that randomly finds its way into your bag. I’m not alone in that, right? The most random things find their way into my bag.. I think I plan for an apocalypse and just shove everything in there just in case I might need it. Like one of those doomsday preppers!

Right now I only have the bargain sunglasses I got from Yours, that were only £6, shoved in my new bag. The sunglasses even came with their own protective cover in a crazy leopard print pattern. I’m sure I’ll end up stuffing more things that I probably don’t need into my bag as the weeks progress.. y’know how it goes.. then when you go to clean it out you find all the crap you forgot you even had. Good times.

Yours Bag And Sunglasses

Being the dork I am, I decided to buy a nail polish from Yours too (this was purely because my order needed to be a certain amount to qualify for free delivery and in my mind if I buy something to get over that limit I’m somehow cheating the system.. which, lets face it, I’m totally not. I probably just paid for the delivery with my nail polish.. but.. hey.. umm.. look at my nails!)

This is the watermelon polish from W7. I’ve never used W7 nail polishes before.. I really like their makeup line and I own several pieces from it which I adore. I absolutely hate how this polish applied though. It was so gloopy and thick and it took forever to dry. The colour is nice though. I picked this colour because it was the closest shade they had to match my bag. I don’t even want to confess how many times I had to take it off and redo certain nails because it was just not going on right at all. It took a long time to get it to look like this and it’s not even done brilliantly. I don’t think I’ll be rushing to buy any more W7 polishes in the future. Anyone else used them? I’d love to know what other people think of them.. drop me a comment if you have please.

W7 Watermelon Nail Polish

Everything featured in this post:
Yours Nude & White Colour Block Tassle Shoulder Bag
Yours Black Frame Sunglasses with gold metal hinge
W7 Watermelon Nail Varnish


These opinions are my own. I paid for the items with my own money.

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