Betty Crocker – Velvety Vanilla Cake Mix

It takes someone else doing something to make me want to do it too, a strange competitive streak comes out in me and I vow to do whatever they did, but only better. After hearing about a Victoria sponge being made on my fiancé‘s side of the family, it immediately kicked off my competitive side and made me want to make one too.. only mine was going to be tastier.

I love baking, but I’m a bit lazy about it and if I can get away with using a packet mix then I will. I decided that with my next online food shop I’d look for a sponge cake mix so I could make my own version.. that’s when I found “Betty Crocker – Velvety Vanilla Cake Mix” It didn’t say it was a Victoria sponge, but from the picture it looked the same. I’ve had success in the past with a muffin kit I bought that was Betty Crocker, so I decided to give this one a try.

I didn’t even need to make the buttercream for the middle, Betty Crocker had a tub of this ready to go. All I needed was 3 medium sized eggs, 90 ml of vegetable oil, 180 ml of water and a generous amount of strawberry jam. I had to be sure of was that I had a couple of round cake tins too.. thankfully, I did. This was going to be, excuse the pun, a piece of cake!

Betty Crocker Velvety Vanilla Cake Mix Ingredients

I got all my ingredients together and started to combine them into a bowl. Armed with a whisk and a bit of determination, I whisked the cake mix together with the eggs, water and oil until it became a smooth and creamy consistency. I already wanted to eat it! I just about managed to restrain myself from eating the raw cake batter.

Betty Crocker Velvety Vanilla Cake Mix Batter

The instructions said to grease your cake tins out well, which I tried to do with some butter. In hindsight, I wish I’d just used grease-proof paper (I’ll reveal why later!) I then carefully poured the mixture evenly (or as evenly as I could, using only my eyes to judge) between the two tins and popped both tins into the oven on gas mark 4. Yes, my oven could do with a clean.. but who likes doing that?!

Betty Crocker Velvety Vanilla Cake In Oven

I then waited until they were fully cooked, which took a bit longer than the packaging said.. but I guess it depends on your oven.. and I guess they can’t take into consideration every kind of oven or else the package instructions would be crazy long! Now, once they were cooked I struggled to get them out of the tins (remember when I said I wish I’d used grease-proof paper before? Well, this was why) After a while of wrestling with the tins I managed to get the cakes out, but some of the cake was still stuck to the tin.. nightmare! That’s why there’s no picture of it in it’s “naked” stage, as it looked a bit of a mess prior to assembling it.

I turned them out onto upside down baking trays, as I don’t have a wire cooling rack, but that seemed to work okay. Now I had to leave them alone to cool, which was incredibly hard to do! Once they were cool, I got my tub of “Betty Crocker – Vanilla Buttercream Style Icing” and popped the lid and generously emptied the entire tub onto one half of the cake. I spread the buttercream around and then added nearly a full jar of strawberry jam on top of that. I sandwiched the other half of the cake on top and stood back and marvelled at how awesome it looked. Sadly, I didn’t have any icing sugar for the top, but it still looked really impressive.

Betty Crocker Velvety Vanilla Cake

Betty Crocker Velvety Vanilla Cake Side

There is jam on top of the buttercream, it just doesn’t look like it.. but trust me, it’s in there!

This cake only lasted a few days with my fiancé and I greedily eating it at any given opportunity. The sponge was light and fluffy and so incredibly tasty.. the buttercream was amazing. I can’t fault the cake, I can only fault the stupid way I greased out my tins. Oh well, next time I’ll know what not to do.

You can buy your own cake mix and buttercream by clicking on the pictures below. Alternatively, your local supermarket will probably stock it:

Have you used any Betty Crocker mixes?




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