Baking chocolate cake with Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker Tempting Chocolate Cake Mix Ingredients

I wasn’t satisfied with just making a vanilla sponge cake, so I decided to now make a chocolate one! For this cake I used “Betty Crocker’s Tempting Chocolate Cake Mix” and “Betty Crocker’s Tempting Chocolate Icing”

I needed the same ingredients as the last time, when I made the vanilla sponge. Oil, 3 medium eggs and water is all that is needed to make this cake. This cake is so simple to make and even simpler to eat!

I started by mixing all the ingredients together to make a smooth-ish mix. I say “smooth-ish” because I didn’t use an electric whisk and I have a bad shoulder, so whisking with a hand whisk meant that it was still a little lumpy even though I mixed it as best as I could. Hopefully you can’t see the lumps too bad. The mix tasted really good uncooked.. it was a lot runnier than the vanilla sponge cake mix I noticed.

Betty Crocker Tempting Chocolate Cake Mix Raw

Last time I was bested by the fact that I struggled to get my cakes out of the tin. This time I had a plan! I lined both cake pans with grease-proof paper. It was a little tricky as I had to draw around the pans and cut out the paper to fit. I’m lazy, so that was the extra bit of effort that I really didn’t want to have to do.. but I didn’t want them to stick again either, so, sacrifices! I put them in the oven and waited patiently.

Betty Crocker Tempting Chocolate Mix Oven

They seemed to take longer to cook than the vanilla sponge did. I kept having to take it out, poke it, put it back in and repeat until the knife came out clean. I’m not really sure why it took longer, perhaps I didn’t pre-heat my oven long enough?

Once they were cooked, I took them out and placed them on upside down baking trays with holes in (yes, I really need to invest in a cooling rack) and then I waited a little bit before using the tub of icing on them. I put the icing inside and on top of the cake, just like the picture.. roughly halving the icing in the tub in two so I had equal parts. I think I used more on the top though, so I think my method of trying to half the icing inside the tub was a little useless. Once iced it looked like this:

Betty Crocker Tempting Chocolate Cake

This is the view from the side:

Betty Crocker Tempting Chocolate Cake 2

It tasted really nice, but it was a lot drier than the vanilla sponge version. Having said that, though, I would definitely make it again. I love chocolate and I love cake, so this was just the perfect combination. I love using these baking mixes and I doubt this will be the last one you see from me.

You can buy these items by clicking the pictures below, or you can get them from your local supermarket (which is what I did)

Have you made this one? If not, would you make it?



This is 100% my own opinion. I paid for the items with my own money and I did not get paid or asked to write this.


  1. August 26, 2016 / 8:46 pm

    Looks absolutely divine! Especially that icing <3

    • merkitty
      August 29, 2016 / 12:25 pm

      Thanks, Laura! It was pretty yummy. ♥

  2. September 1, 2016 / 7:34 pm

    It’s a pity it was a bit dry! It looks lovely though.

    Corinne x

    • merkitty
      September 1, 2016 / 7:41 pm

      Yeah, it was a shame. I’d still have it again though! Haha.

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