Swedish Glace – Chocolate Dairy Free Ice Cream

Continuing on in my quest for Dairy Free goodies I came across this brand called Swedish Glace. Their dairy free ice cream is made with soy. It comes in a large tub, perfect for those nights when you need to curl up on the sofa and eat your way through an entire tub (you know those nights, don’t tell me I’m alone in that!) They do this chocolate flavour and there was also a vanilla flavour tub. I did notice they had some strawberry stick ice creams too covered in chocolate, but since I didn’t buy those I can’t comment on them. I found this tub in Tesco, not sure where else sells it.. but I know Tesco does!

Swedish Glace Heavenly Chocolate Ice Cream Dairy Free Made with Soy

Now onto the ice cream itself

Swedish Glace Heavenly Chocolate Dairy Free Ice Cream Open

Thoughts on the dairy free ice cream

It’s light coloured for a chocolate ice cream, but it looks pretty nice in the tub with it’s swirly appearance. The taste isn’t quite what I expected, it definitely doesn’t taste like regular chocolate ice cream. I think I was expecting it to taste “normal” and it didn’t. You can definitely taste the soy in it. It’s not one I’d personally buy again, but if you like the taste of soy then it might be one for you.

Per two scoops of ice cream, it’s 108 calories, which is really good for ice cream, but then who sticks to recommended portion sizes? The entire tub of dairy free ice cream is still less calories than a regular tub of ice cream, so you won’t feel as guilty if you eat the entire thing (which lets face it, does happen from time to time)

Have you tried the Swedish Glace range? Recommend any other dairy free ones for me to try?

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This review is my own opinion and this is not a sponsored post.

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  1. Kim Styles
    September 10, 2016 / 9:32 am

    I love Swedish Glace and have only ever tried the vanilla! I think they have changed the recipe for the vanilla though a they have changed the box from black to white and it doesnt taste the same either. I haven’t seen the chocolate one and I am desperate to try it !

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