Tesco Free From – Strawberry & Vanilla – Dairy Free Cones

Since I’m still on my dairy free kick right now, I’ve been having fun trying new dairy free products. I was doing my usual Tesco grocery shop online and came across these dairy free ice cream cones, so naturally I had to give them a go! If I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting much, usually when things seem too good to be true.. then they usually are. I was pleasantly surprised with these though, they remind me of strawberry Cornetto’s.. only better! They are super tasty and there’s more chocolate in the bottom of the cone than a regular Cornetto and for some reason they seem to fill me up more. The cone itself isn’t too different from a regular Cornetto cone either. It’s hard to believe they are free from gluten, wheat and milk and yet taste so good. They are pretty reasonably priced too and they are definitely something I will be buying again as a treat. 210 calories for an ice cream isn’t too bad going either for a once in a while treat.

Tesco Free From Strawberry & Vanilla Cones

Even the wrapper reminds me of a Cornetto.

Tesco Free From Strawberry & Vanilla Cones Wrapper

When I was taking these pictures one of my cats decided she’d be a little monster and get in the way. I take these pics in a pop up photo studio with lights pointing into it.. I had everything set up, my camera on top of the tripod while I furiously snapped away. I was just taking the picture of the ice cream unwrapped when my cat randomly attacks the side of the studio, causing my tripod to fall forward and my camera to go lens first into the ice cream! I then spent ages trying to get the ice cream off my camera.. which was a nightmare as it’d smooshed itself in all the cracks. I turn it off and the lens shutter comes across and forces some more ice cream up and out. What a saga! My cats are little angels until I’m doing something and they both want a piece of the action.

Tesco Free From Strawberry & Vanilla Cones Opened - dairy free cones

I tried to do a more artistic shot for the ice cream without the wrapper, this was the only shot I managed to get before the camera flattened the top! Just looking back at these pictures makes me want another again, too bad I devoured the box of 4 to myself. Not in one day though! Although I most definitely could.

Have you tried dairy free ice cream? I want to try different kinds now I know it’s out there.

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