I review Nailene – French Tip 2 Go

I really love the french tip nail look, however, I suck at making it look good with regular polish. I saw the “Nailene French Tip 2 Go” when I was doing my grocery shop in Tesco and just had to give it a go. At £5 it seemed fairly reasonable and if it made my life easier in achieving this look, that I adore, then I was all for it.

Nailene - French Tip 2 Go Packaged JPEG

I decided that I’d follow all the rules on the back of the packaging, except one. It didn’t tell me to put a base coat on, which seemed weird to me so I just went ahead and applied one anyway with my usual Barry M base/top coat. I always apply a base coat to prevent staining. Plus, it’s shiny!

First off, I started with my natural semi-bare nails.. just a base coat covering them.

Nails Bare

Packaging of Nailene – French Tip 2 Go

Next, I had to cut the packaging. I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of products encased in this hard plastic packaging. It is impossible to open without scissors! Anyway, once I had carefully cut the packaging I spread the contents out and took a look at the instruction card. The first thing that I wasn’t expecting for it to say was, “(Optional) Apply tip guides across curve of nails to separate tip area” My first reaction to that was, “Oh neat, that’ll make it easier for me to apply because I have a shaky hand and I’m terrible at freehand!” A confused me then shook the empty packaging around only to discover there were no actual tip guides included. Bummer.

Nailene - French Tip 2 Go Out

Despite not having ‘tip guides’ included, I liked the idea of them and decided I had to improvise and find something to use around the house that would work for this purpose. I found that using plasters carefully placed over the nail, exposing the tip, worked really well. This only works if your plasters have the curved edges though, like mine did. Don’t be stupid like I was though and spend ages trying to figure out how to get the liquid to come out of the pen, it actually tells you what to do on the instructions (my eyes somehow must have skimmed over that part).

It suggests to do one or two coats, so I tried one initially. This seemed really patchy and not the right amount of coverage for me, so I needed to apply a second coat. This is when my cat decides she wants to see what I’m doing and jumps up on me, so I have to carefully pet her while trying not to smudge what I’ve just applied. Somehow, I pulled it off though! She really picks her moments for when she wants attention.

The first coat was pretty quick to dry.. so I applied the second coat and waited. After I was satisfied that it had dried, I proceeded to apply the provided top coat (even though I desperately wanted to use my own, I thought it would be better to use the one provided) The top coat smelled really strong, much stronger than my usual one, but on the plus side it dried relatively quickly. This is what I was left with when I took the plasters off my nails:

Nailene French Tip On

As you can see, it’s a little patchy still with two coats. The colour of the tip isn’t as white as I was expecting, but that’s probably my own fault due to the fact that I didn’t read the packaging that clearly states in the top right hand corner “pearl white”.

I was pretty impressed with it though, so I decided to do my left hand.. only I made the huge mistake of doing it freehand. My reasoning being: that I’m right handed, so therefore my left hand should be super easy to do. I was wrong.. in so many ways! I really don’t recommend doing it freehand if you can’t freehand well. My left hand is a complete mess and I’m going to have to dig out my nail polish remover and start again if I want to get it looking anything like my right hand. I’ll use the plaster guides though when I start again I think.


Overall verdict, it’s not a bad product if you like the pearly nail tip look and want an all in one kit. I’m not sure if the pen applicator works better rather than a nail polish though, I’d say it was down to personal preference. I’d probably buy this again if I found one with a whiter white. The pearly look isn’t quite what I had in mind when I bought it, but hey, that’s my fault.. I need to learn to read packaging apparently! Maybe next time I use it, I can perfect the look even more. What do you think of it? Have you tried it? Will you? Let me know!

Get your own now by clicking the image below. You can also check out my other beauty related posts here.

This review is my own opinion and this is not a sponsored post.

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