Makeup Revolution Beauty Advent Calendar 2018 – I got one!

Every year I lust over these beauty advent calendars, yet I never get one. I finally decided it was about time that I had one! So, after looking at a lot of beauty advent calendars, I decided on the Makeup Revolution beauty advent calendar – which is the one I’m…

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Supportive Bloggers – Showing some love back

I wanted to show my appreciation to some Bloggers that support me and couldn’t think how to do that.. but then it hit me. I could write about it and show my support that way! Genius! So, as a huge thank you to other Bloggers that follow me, support me,…

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Origin Palette by Beauty Bay – Review

You can never have too many eyeshadow palettes, right? That’s why I was super excited to see Beauty Bay had created their own range of eyeshadows. I knew immediately that I had to get one of them! I fell in love with the Origin palette by Beauty Bay and that’s…

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The Horror Movie Tag

I know, I know.. it’s another tag. This time it’s The Horror Movie Tag. I’m so sorry if you’re all getting sick of these tags by now, because I have been doing a lot of them. This one is relevant with Halloween coming up, so I had to post it…

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What I’ve been watching on Netflix #8

It’s been a little over a month since I wrote all about what I’ve been watching on Netflix. It’s amazing how fast time flies! There have been some seriously good releases lately. I’m also super excited to see what pops up on Netflix next. I know a lot is coming…

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